art critics

Art Critics and Art Historians use different styles of writing when evaluating the different aspects of an artist and their artwork. Critics influence and govern the reception of an artwork in terms of its meaning and value, while historians place value on artists and artworks, suggesting their importance. These opposing approaches can be seen in the subjective manner of Robert Hughes and the objective style of H.H Arnason.
Art Historian H.H Arnason's "The History of Modern Art" extract is a detailed and factual biography of Pablo Picasso. Arnason evaluates the significance of Picasso in relation to his world, interested in tracing how this artist and his artworks have gained status and how audiences have related to the artworks. He aims to discover meaning about Picasso's artworks through researching and being familiar with his history. Arnason has used an objective writing style, avoiding opinionated and biased word choice: "Picasso's father was an artist and art teacher, and Picasso grew up in an environment of art and artists." Through Arnason's account of Picasso's context the audience is able to distinguish how his styles and artworks evolved, informing the reader about the "significance of his artworks and the intentions of the artist."The practice of Arnason provides a deeper insight into the connections between the artist and the audience. Through this analysis the audience is able to identify the specific period of time which Picasso was influenced by and grew up in. "Born in Malaga, Spain he participated in most art movements since the end of the 19th Century." Arnason also suggests the significance of social qualities in shaping Picasso's work "Picasso grew up in an environment of art and artists." It is evident that this historian is a admirer of Picasso, however the comments he makes, such as "he himself created many of them (art move…


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