Art Appreciation

The main purpose of the piece of Dyno Guy, Dyno Woman and V-6 I as
see them, are to reflect social and cultural context.I say this because the
pieces appear to be a family.A father, a mother and a child.After describing
some of the characteristics of the pieces, I will further explain why I think this
The lines on all three pieces form the shapes of a man, a woman and a
child.There is no color to the pieces.They all have a value of shade between
white and black.Since they are made of metal, the texture of each is smooth
and has a shiny appearance.The overall mass is huge.The pieces of Dyno
Guy and Dyno Woman are very tall, and by my guess would be about 15 feet
in height.V-6 is around 6 feet in height.The proportion and scale to each
other is that of two adults and a small child.They are perfectly unified and
balance in size, shape, mass, color and texture.
The form of the art is that of human bodies.The content is that of a
family, with the father (Dyno Guy) being the supporter of the family.There are
several reasons I have come to this conclusion. Thefirst reason for this is that
Dyno Guy is holding Dyno Woman's arm.This represents the man being the
strong piece of the family, the provider.He is in a way holding her up.The
second reason is the way Dyno Woman's face lights up.
It appears her face is lighting up just as a mother and wife's face would light up
in the presence of her family.The third reason is the mobility of V-6.He
cannot move without the help of his parents, just as a child needs the help of
To explain why I think the main purpose of these art pieces are to reflect
social and cultural context is obvious.I our culture, the man is the provider of
the household, the woman is loving and caring of her family, and the child is


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