Art Appreciation

In the process of researching and comparing different works of art I chose to go to both Gilcrease and Philbrook museums. I believe the buildings and the surroundings of the buildings have a lot to do with how successful the museum is. Both museums have an elaborate entrance way which would lead the visitor to believe that once inside the same grandeur will continue. Upon entering Philbrook the awe from the exterior continued throughout the museum; on the other hand Gilcrease was rather disappointing to the viewer, especially after the beautiful entrance way. To me it looked as if most of their time has been spent on the exterior.
Gilcrease as a whole was an enormous let down; from the pieces of art to the way the pieces were light. The lighting gave Gilcrease a cold and crypt like feeling which made me rush through the museum. If there were any pieces of art with bright coloring or great detail the atmosphere was sure to kill it. Somehow in this gloomy environment I found six pieces of art that I enjoyed.
Thefirst piece of art that really caught my eye was El Galope which was painted in 1943 by Jose Chavez Morado. This oil painting has a tremendous amount of motion from the horses running to the direction the sky and ground flow. Almost everything in this painting flows from the top left hand corner in a circular motion to the bottom right hand corner. The only thing that isn't in the same flow are two of the riders; they are being thrown back from the force of the horses they are on which gives the since of urgency and motion to this painting. This painting gave me the feeling that three riders are headed to a fight since one has his weapon in hand and another has one on his back ready to draw at any time. As a whole this painting had a lot of action in it for being such a small painting.
The second work of art I will discuss will be an oil on canvas by Nicolai Fechin titled Still Life With Calla Lilies. This is a v…


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