The painting called Madonna and Child with Saint Francis and Dominic and Angels by Giulio Cesare Procaccini is one of many paintings labeled masterpiece. This painting contains brilliant brushwork and messages that are indirect. This painting was done in Milan Italy any where from 1574-1625. It is 101 1/8 x 56 3/8 in. (256.9 x 143.2 cm) and painted on canvas with oil. In the picture all the faces are looking at the child that is held by Mary. Saint Francis is dressed in a long cloak with a hood in one hand he hold a wooden cross and in the other hand an apple that he giving to the virgin mother. Saint Dominic is on the other side of Mary who is elevated above everyone else. Saint Dominic seems to be falling backward in awe of Mary. There are angels all around with roses in a vase. One angel is playing the guitar the others are just hanging around Mary. The Christ child is on Mary's lap he looks straight out. Giulio Cesare Procaccini shows the figures as full and having realistic mass. He gives the illusion of layering that one person is in front of the other. The artist leaves no space between figures; every spot is filled with a body or object. There is an emphasis on the Christ child his eyes look directly at you through this portrait. There is a sense of rhythm that everyone in the painting is just flows around Mary. There is balance in figures and the proportion is exact. There seems to be a unity that everyone hovered around the virgin to watch her. The emphasis on the child gives a focus point to help tie up the picture together. The tight composition and the perfect brushstroke aids to make this painting perfect. In this portrait there is no sense of gravity Mary and the angels are in the air with nothing holding them down. Saint Francis and Saint Dominic are the only ones who are standing and the look realistic. Giulio Cesare Procaccini's narrative is trying to say that Saint Francis is man and is giving Mary an apple…


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