For assignment 4 I chose Sandro Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus and Fra Angelico's painting Coronation of the Virgin.In The Birth of Venus, "Botticelli represents Venus, Born of Sea, being sped by Zephir towards land, where an Hour is ready to cover her with a beautiful cloak."In The Coronation of the Virgin, "the gold background recalls the celestial splendor peculiar of the medieval painting.But the perspective arrangement of shadows and figures reveals the interest of Fra Angelico for the new conception of the space renewed in early renaissance by Bruelleschi and Massaccio."I noticed very few similarities between the two and many differences.
In The Birth of Venus, I believe the lines are moving lines. In this painting, the birth of Venus and her moving towards the land creates a moving line.One of the Goddesses is blowing her to the right towards the land.In addition, Venus's hair is blowing to the right towards the land and the flowers in the air are blowing in the same direction.Botticelli is trying to point out that by blowing items in this painting to the right that Venus is also moving in the same direction-towards land.The color for this painting would have to be local color.Everything in this painting (colorwise) is very close to the color in the objective world.The bodies are the same color-white-pinkish.The sea is light blue as it is in the world today.I also believe there is a lot of dullness in this painting.Botticelli does not use very bright colors to make items stand out.He focuses on the movement of the painting.
In the Coronation of the Virgin, I do not believe that there are any moving lines.Everything in this painting looks as it is still.I believe the two in the middle are the foreground and the audience (the people around the two in the middle) would be the background.The two in the middle definitely caught by attentionf…


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