Antigone as Tragic hero

Have you ever wondered why Sophocles named his famous play after Antigone, and not Creon? Is it because she is the real tragic hero? Many critics including myself feel that Antigone is the true tragic hero, as she possesses many qualities that qualify her a tragic hero. This protagonist has a high social standing, is neither overly good nor bad, and sticks to her fatal flaw.
Antigone has a high social standing in the town of Thebes. Because of her high standing she has a lot of fame and regard to lose, and therefore is capable of great suffering. Of the people who say Creon is the tragic hero also say that Antigone is no longer in a high position in the society due to the burying of her brother. If this character had needed to be in a high political position this would be true, but they need to have a great deal to lose in their downfall. Although Antigone may no longer hold political power, she is still a powerful figure in Thebes. She was to be married to Creon’s son, Haemon, and the whole city seemed to know how tragic her life had become.
Furthermore, another trait shown in Antigone;s character is that she is neither overly good nor bad. This is a major element in a tragic hero because they have to be ordinary, as they aren;t a villain or a hero. Antigone’s negative side is shown by her demanding behavior with her brother Polyneices. She did not listen to anyone else in making her decision to bury him. She went with what she believed in, knowing it would get her in some kind of trouble. Her positive side is shown by the way the she insists on respecting his right to be buried in the religious tradition of Greece so that his soul may live on in the afterlife. This reflects that Antigone had true feelings and emotions for her brother, and gave him all the respect she could by properly burying him.
In addition, the last quality Antigone overcame in proving she was the tragic hero was that she stuck to her fatal fl…


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