ansel adams

Ansel Adams was a photographer and a conservationist who was born on February
20,1902. He was born at 114 Maple Street in San Francisco and he was the only
child of Olive and Charles ("Ansel Adams" 1). He lived his child hood with his
parents on the tip of the San Francisco peninsula at Land's End ("Ansel Adams:
One of the Greatest Photographers of All Time" 1).
As a child Adams was not the best of a school student. His parents attempted to
send him to several different public and private schools in their area to give
their child an education. At the young age of twelve in 1915, Ansel Adams was
expelled from school ("Ansel Adams" 1). From that point on his parents felt that
it would be best for him to study at home, private tutors would teach Ansel.
That same year his father bought him a season pass to the Panama-Pacific
Exposition, Ansel visits it almost everyday (1).
As a child Ansel Adams was interested in several activities. Some of these
included architecture, technology, music, and art ("Ansel Adams: One of The
Greatest Photographers of All Times" 1) He was also interested in landscape; he
would spend several hours exploring the land around San Francisco. The one that
got his most attention was music. When he was young Adams planned on music
becoming his career. His dream was to become a professional pianist ("Masters of
Ansel Adamsfirst became associated with the camera at the age of fourteen (1).
He had read a book about Yosemite Valley, which would soon change his life.
After reading the book he begged his parents to visit the valley for their next
vacation. When the family arrived at the Valley Ansel in 1916 parents gave him a
camera, while on the vacation he began exploring the land and taking photographs
("One of The Greatest Photographers of All Time" 2).
Ansel got hisfirst job at the sierra Club's LeCon…


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