I didn’t think another visit to the Cloisters would mean much to me.In previous visits, I had noticed the picture on the wall or the sculpture in the corner, glanced quickly at a date or name, and moved on. This time, however, something compelled me to take a closer look, to try to understand the form and context of the works, to see into the artist’s mind. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the works themselves and watching others’ reactions to those works.
Once there, I chose a particular object to write about, considering the formal elements and the effect on the viewer. This sharpened my visual analysis, along with my understanding of the importance of historical context.
I was attracted to the stained glass because of the beauty and emotions it portrayed.It gives an accurate feel for the attitude of someone who was passionate about the craft. The panels once initiated a cycle dedicated to the Life of Christ installed in the Altenberg convent church. An unknown artist completed this German glass painting, created in Altenberg-an-der-Lahn, in 1290. It is a scene of the Annunciation, describing when the angel Gabriel is informing the Virgin Mary that she is pregnant with Jesus Christ. The Archangel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary that she is to give birth to the Son of God.
Calmness, order and simplicity are the outstanding features of this painting. Mary bows her head as she humbly accepts Gabriel’s message. The painting style, with its bold slashing strokes, combined with the strong colors, makes it one of the most exceptional of the panels.It includes a sense of perception because of its three dimensional characteristics. The face of Gabriel is gentle and soft, with squinted eyes and closed lips. Mary, however, seems more intense because of the lowely-tilted position of her head.Both of the emotions portrayed show the realistic intentions of the artist. Gabriel's hands extend toward Mary, while hers rest humbly at…


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