Andy Worhol

"When you think about it, department stores are kind of like museums."Andy Warhol made that quote to totally destroy the fine line between fine arts and commercial arts (art used for magazine illustrations, comic books, etc.).Warhol did not create paintings, but he developed a new printing method he called screen-printing, to make the very unique illustrations he named Pop Art.No one is more associated with Pop Art than Andy Warhol.His art made him stand out as one of the most unusual, yet influential artists of the 20th Century.
Andrew Warhola, his original given name, was born on September 28, 1930 in Forest City, Pennsylvania as the son of Slovak immigrants Julia and Ondej Warhola.He grew up in a depressed Philadelphia neighborhood stricken with poverty and crime.As the youngest of three boys, he became naturally timid and shy and the target of bullies at school.On top of being shy, he was afflicted by Sideman's Syndrome, a rare childhood disease characterized by irregular movements, physical disturbance, and acute rheumatic fever.Since he was constantly sick, he spent a great deal of time in his mother's care.When he was thirteen, his father died in a terrible construction accident.After of his father's death, Warhol was drawn even closer to his mother.Soon after, his family moved to another town in Pennsylvania called Oak Land.He had trouble making friends there too, so he spent most of his free time with either his mother or girls he had met.Often he would go see movies and collect autographed photos of stars which were given out after the screening.Several of these photos were used later in his prints.
Warhol was an incredibly bright child, but didn't partake in any extracurricular activities due to his extreme shyness and because he believed his abilities were superior to his peers.Warhol continued to be the loser of his class until finally he graduated.He appl…


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