An Argument Against Graffiti

Graffiti is defined by Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as “inscriptions or drawings made on some public surface” (10th ed. 1996). Graffiti appears on bridges, billboards, and signs across the nation. Some people may consider the inscriptions or drawings a work of “art.” The masses, however, consider this form of “art” dangerous, irresponsible and promote gang activity. The creation of graffiti is dangerous. Graffiti artists climb to high places to draw on highway signs or billboards. To get to these high places, the graffiti artist has either got to climb to the high place or in some cases, hang down from high places to draw their picture or make their inscription. This is taking an unnecessary risk. The artist may believe that their life is not in any danger, but if there is one wrong move, the artist can lose his life or be seriously injured. Still, the activity continues. Also, the creation of graffiti shows of blatant disregard for other’s property. The graffiti artist does not ask an owner for permission to draw on his property. He just does it. When the owner is a private entity, either the insurance company must absorb the cost of having to remove the work or the owner must take care of it himself.When the owner is a government entity, the taxpayers absorb the cost. The general public loses either way and the graffiti artist, unless caught, is free to create again.
Another blight on the community is that graffiti promotes crime and gang activity. When a graffiti artist decides to go into a rival gang’s territory and draw, the rival gang can take this as a form of disrespect. Sometimes graffiti artists broadcast the activities of street gangs, such as whether they plan to kill, or whether they have already killed. When this graffiti is written about one whom they are planning to kill or about one whom they have already killed, their enemies can get very angry and come looking for retaliation. This shows negative expr…


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