American Identity

It is predicted that by the year 2050, Caucasian Americans will become a minority in the United States. Is this rapid increase of minorities creating an alarming situation deserving concern? In today's American society, we have become particularly apprehensive with the issue of diversity and but are commonly told to “celebrate” the heterogeneity of individuals this country has come to foster. Why is then so often innocent Americans are condemned or even penalized for such trivial differences such as speaking a language other than English, wearing a skin color other than Caucasian, or expressing homosexual orientation? Such discrimination can only have a harmful impact on American identity.Americans have always feared those who are “different” but have been taught to disguise their fears and attempt to treat everyone equally.However, after the recent events on September 11th, 2001, many Americans have wrongly fashioned unnecessary biases and preconceptions towards the "unusual" and the "unknown".This inexcusable ignorance is causing the destruction of our American Identity.
Beginning in the late 1700’s, America became known nationally for her support of religious freedom, seemingly endless job opportunities and an abundance of in-expensive land.As a result, immigrants from all over the globe penetrated these borders, forcing the nation to expand further and further west.People flocked from Ireland, Britain, Italy, Russia and numerous other European countries.By the 19th century, America was already a nation with a diverse population, all in search of a better life.
However, even then immigrants were looked down upon and were only offered low paying jobs.In fact an age of nativism came into being, when the Americans wanted immigration of cease allowing America to contain only those who were “native” Americans.When the truth was, native Indian Americans were the only true natives. Immigratio…


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