Advantages/Disadvantages of c

Electricity is extremely precious and valuable. Our town should be lucky to have it. In other cases we shouldn't use too much of it either.
There are lots of different ways of creating electricity. I will talk about 4 of the ways of creating electricity. I will tell you what the Advantages/Disadvantages are.
Wind. Wind is renewable and is not expensive at all. Wind can be found all over the world. It does not cause pollution(except noise). You think wind doesn't have any disadvantages but unfortunately there is.When the wind drops, the turbine turns more slowly and less electricity is generated. Wind is sometimes too fast to generate electricity. Wind can also be slow and cannot produce electricity.The natural beauty of an area may be spoiled.
Coal. Coal is not re-usable. Coal is dangerous to mine. If the society keeps mining coal soon there won't be any coal left to mine. Coal is relatively reasonable. Even today, much of the electricity we use in Canada comes from coal.Without this resource, our demands for heat and electricity, past and present, would have been far more difficult to meet.In and around coal mining communities, the black fuel was also inexpensive and readily available.
Hydro. Hydro electricity are found in dams and falls. Materials are easy to find.The main advantage of hydro electricity is that the "fuel" is renewable and cheap.There are no costs for fuel or the transportation of such. The whole process is also environmentally friendly, as it does not create any air, chemical, water or thermal pollution.Although hydro electricity has many advantages, there are still quite a few setbacks. The increase of water level might provide a better habitat for fish, but it could also destroy the habitat for humans and other species’ by the flooding of land. Flooding also causes soil erosion on the watershed’s wall that could have harmful impact on the vegetation of the area. Along with the dis


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