No one is perfect in the beginning. When watching television, a beautiful and famous actress appears. This actress makes it look like her career is the best thing to do. It takes much practice to become a professional actress. Role models are the beginning of forming an inspiration. they also help form an interest for what they do. When that interest is clarified you begin to practice the skills to become similar to the role model. The skills must be practiced continuously in order to succeed. In the beginning one is not definite of the skills that form the career.
Many actresses state that their role model encouraged them to become a greater person. Other actresses say that their role model helped them do things they never thought they could do. When they accomplish more than what they expected they feel greatly inspired.Actresses push themselves to become better and better each time they appear on television or movies.Some actresses have other careers they participate in, like modeling or singing. Actresses must make efforts to remain the best because they are afraid that their fame will fade quickly. They must obtain also all of the qualities the society will remember them for.If actresses were not confident of their careers they would look pathetic because they would not have the passion to work as hard as those who love what they do.In society today, actresses can gain support if they are beautiful. Most actresses become popular if they star in a certain movie or television show with a famous actor. Actresses often become well known if they have a relationship with famous actors. Some actresses are just there because they have priceless faces but the ones who succeed are the ones who show enjoyment in their career. The most successful actresses of our time are the ones with beautiful physical appearances and show the love for their career. But some young actresses become greedy and needy. Young actresses try to emancipa…


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