a question of framing

A landscape is a series of named locales, a set of relational places linked by paths, movements and narratives. (Tilley ’94 conclusion)
It’s a long way from rural New South Wales to rural n/e France or more precisely the other way around but with the right light and a morning mist and possibly the squinting of eyes, a paddock with a haystack here could be there or there here. Though of course it would only be a trick of the mind and the light, the paddocks and the haystacks carry their own stories which would refuse to engage in such deception but they may be captured in their own elements, engaged in that moment of mist filled eye-squint, to mingle and enmesh with the viewers stories/ memories/ passages and possibly here or there or both be dabbed upon a canvas. Stolen from its place of Being, a haystack out of context with its reason. Later to travel the world, a representative of it’s time, locale, people. (…)
A journey along a path can be claimed to be a paradigmatic cultural act, since it is following in the steps inscribed by others whose steps have worn a conduit for movement which becomes the correct or ‘best way to go. There is usually a good reason for following in a particular direction linking places in a serial trajectory, and the more people who have shared in the purpose of the path the more important it becomes. Paths form an essential medium for routing of social relations, connecting up spatialimpressions with temporally inscribed memories. (Tilley ’94)
A question of framing. What is in view and not, what comes into view and leaves. Objects/thoughts depart, move through the field of vision/thinking to make way for others.Again I am driving the freeway to Canberra. I’m going to the National Gallery to see ‘Monet & Japan’ an exhibition looking at the influence Japanese art had on the great Impressionists work. I have driven this road many times over, a journey of repetition and change. The years and I have


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