A Man for All Seaons

After pending nine months in Mrs. Collins's religion classes there are certain things that I have come to expect. Things like word cards, calendars, and not an excruciatingly large amount of homework. In the last 2 months in her class however, she assigned us a book to read in class and at home. There were daily quizzes on our progress in the book. This was an alteration from our regular day to day religious teaching.
Overall, I thought A Man for All Seasons was an excellently written play although it lacked some important aspects I think a play should have in order to capture an audience of my age group. First, is and most prominent in my opinion is excitement or action. Second, the characters in the play were not ones I believed the majority of the congregation could connect or relate with. Last, there were certain characters in the book I felt could have used more developing in the area of character. Some of their more personal facets were never known to the reader/listener because the book failed to describe them well enough.
In this book, A Man for All Seasons, the main character and "good guy" is Sir Thomas More. He is an honest man who makes a good living in the King's service. He continues to be loyal to his king throughout the book. More is a moral and religious man, which will get him into trouble caused by immorality and false people who are out to get him because he disagrees with them.
The King is married to a woman whom will not bear him a son, so he wishes to marry another fertile woman to produce one. He sends his will of divorce to the pope, for his permission. The pope promptly refuses the King as he has gone through so much trouble to marry him to Catherine, his wife. Consequently, the King sends a petition to his countrymen asking them to sign with him and make him pope, so he could have the right to divorce from Catherine. Sir Thomas More is the only man to oppose the king. He cannot mor…


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